Response to IRS Notice of Intent to Levy (Deficiency Process)

A Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS strikes fear into the hearts of most Americans!

Recently, an individual with some tax problems contacted me and asked if John Benson, author of Taxation by Misrepresentation, and I could help him with his tax troubles.

He sent me a trove of documents exchanged between him and the IRS, among which was a Notice of Intent to Levy with a VERY SHORT fuse.

John asked me to respond, and I did.

In a very few days, I drafted for this individual a Memorandum in Support of his request for a Due Process Hearing.

The individual told me, in several phone calls that he, I and the NSA (apparently) shared, that this Memo stated more clearly, more succinctly and in a more logical sequence the truth about income-tax laws, procedures and regulations than anything he had ever read in his 50+ years of life on this planet.

If what he claimed about this Memo is true, then there are probably millions of folks who might like to see what is contained within it.

You and I know that the main stream media (MSM) is not gonna alert millions of Americans to this information.

So, I am calling upon those of you who may choose to read the Memo to send other Americans to this website,, and let them decide whether or not they are interested in this and similar materials available here.

To make this Memo available to all who have any interest, I have set it up so that everybody can pay or contribute whatever they choose, even “zero,” if they don’t choose to contribute or are simply not in a financial position to do so.

Please, rather than sending your copy to your friends, direct them to my website.

One last thought: While I authored this Memo on my own, its substance is based largely on John’s research, as set forth in his Book, Taxation by Misrepresentation.

John, like George Washington, has not only grown gray in service to his Country, he has also gone legally blind. He has slight tunnel vision remaining in his right eye.

He has chosen to use nutritional supplements to regain his health and has made considerable progress, including slow recovery of some sight in his left eye, from which he had seen nothing for over 10 years.

He, like me, lives way below the poverty line on Social Security.

Therefore, ALL the funds that you may choose to contribute for this Memo go straight to John and will be used by him to regain his health.

For those of you who like what you read and can afford to be generous, I am grateful and know that John will be, too!

To CONTRIBUTE (or not) and OBTAIN the Memo, click HERE!


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